Application Process

Logan City School District Preschool is committed to providing preschool to the students that demonstrate the most need. We DO NOT enroll on a first come first serve basis. We look at three criteria areas: financial need, academic need, and number of risk factors.

After the application even, the Preschool Instructional Coach/Grant Project Director along with the Special Education Preschool Coordinator sort the preschool applicants on a list within the student’s boundary school. The preschool applicants that meet all three criteria move to the top of the list and those that do not meet any criteria move down the list. The first wave of enrollment letters will be sent out the end of May to the applicants that meet all three criteria. Applicants who do not meet all three criteria are place on a waiting list. It is highly possible that not all enrollment seats are filled in May and those on the wait list still have a good chance to be enrolled. Final enrollment letters go out the beginning of July. If you have any questions please email Loreen Flanary at

Thank you,
The LCSD Preschool Team